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Dharra ThakkarDharra Thakkar
09:25 21 Dec 23
One of the best and authentic brand for wood pressed oils.
Manohar ChanchlaniManohar Chanchlani
12:51 05 Dec 23
I have tried 3 different oils i.e. Sunflower oil, coconut oil, & groundnut oil. I recommend coconut & groundnut oil. The best.
Admin MNJRAdmin MNJR
10:03 19 Nov 23
Ganesh GadhaveGanesh Gadhave
17:13 02 Nov 23
Thank you Bharat BotanicsAs a Medical Practitioner my experience with organic cold-pressed coconut oil and the shop that sells it was a revelation. The product is an essential addition to my kitchen and skincare routine, and the shop is a haven for those who appreciate high-quality organic products and personalized customer service. If you're looking to enhance your well-being and culinary adventures, this combination is a must-try.
abhishek jhaabhishek jha
06:26 30 Sep 23
Pure and healthy
Ami SavaniAmi Savani
09:32 30 Aug 23
Bharat Botanics is a company we trust. Their woodpressed oils which we have been using such as groundnut , coconut , sesame along with Ghee are world class. Their service is prompt too. I recommend for your family and kids their pure and chemical free products.
Dhiraj MhatreDhiraj Mhatre
06:23 04 May 23
We are using groundnut and coconut oil of Bharat botanics from last 5 months and we are very satisfied with quality of oil.Highly recommended 👍
Nilesh VoraNilesh Vora
17:37 30 Apr 23
I must say our mission for good health begins with procuring OIL and Ghee from Bharat Botanics, and continue with our reorders.Sinilarly, the promoters of Bharat Botanics are on a mission to make the most affordable and easily accessible wood press oil and pure cow ghee.Lets encourage our friends and relative for a healthy lifestyle and healthy food habits, and succeed in our mission.
Vishal ReleVishal Rele
14:45 28 Feb 23
Very good oil …naturally made with no chemicals and good for healthBetter to buy good cold pressed natural oils n spend on ourself ….we just loved the oils , ghee and other products from this brand…completely safe & natural.


Embrace the authenticity of tradition with our Bilona Desi Cow Shuddh Ghee. Handcrafted from the milk of Desi cows, it carries the legacy of generations. Pure, unadulterated, and made with care, our ghee is a staple in Indian kitchens for its wholesome goodness. From enhancing the flavors of your dishes to promoting overall well-being, it’s a true kitchen essential.

  • Indian desi cow ghee is great for bones, it contains K2 Vitamin, which is known to be beneficial in preventing issues like tooth decay. It also aides in solid bone advancement. Moreover, K2 Vitamin helps in the better assimilation of calcium in the body. It also contains Vitamin A, D and K
  • Great for massaging newly born babies, tones their muscles and imparts them strength.
  • Has a high smoking point and this is the reason why Indians love cooking anything to everything in Ghee.
  • Boosts immunity
  • When put in the belly button, it prevents lips from chapping.
  • Helps in digestion.
  • Great source of antioxidants.

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Bharat Botanics proudly stands as India’s biggest Cold-pressed facility, utilizing state-of-the-art, fully automated processes that ensure the highest quality in every drop of our healthy oils. Committed to environmental responsibility, our facility operates with eco-friendly practices, prioritizing sustainability at every step. We take pride in offering 100% transparency and traceability, allowing our customers to trace the journey of their oil from seed to bottle. 

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Shop No. 4, Shiv Krupa CHS, Old Nagardas Rd, Opp. Iyer Commerce Classes, Andheri(E), Mumbai, Maharashtra, India- 400069

Phone: 8433520606

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At Bharat Botanics, we take pride in producing the finest quality groundnut oil using the traditional method of wood/cold pressing. We believe that our wood/cold-pressed groundnut oil offers superior benefits compared to the commonly used iron-pressed oils. Our aim is to provide our customers with a premium product that not only enhances their well-being but also supports the livelihoods of our hardworking farmers.

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Shop No. 4, Shiv Krupa CHS, Old Nagardas Rd, Opp. Iyer Commerce Classes, Andheri(E), Mumbai, Maharashtra, India – 400069

Phone: 8433520606

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