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What Are Lakdi Ghani / Cold Pressed Oils ?

  • Cold Pressed Oils are oils which are considered to be the most healthy and pure oils available to mankind.
  • World Health Organization (WHO) defines cold pressed oils as oil obtained without any kind of alteration by using mechanical procedure.
  • Bharat Botanics Authentic Cold pressed oils are extracted through wooden churner using traditional methods.

How To Recognize Authentic Cold Pressed Oils ?

Authentic Cold Pressed Oils
(using wooden churner)

  • Extraction Temperature : 40°c & below
  • Seeds Used for 1 litre extraction : 2.5 kgs
    (Premium handpicked seeds)
  • Rich Aroma
  • Thick Texture
  • Palm Oil Mixing : No
  • Transfat : ABSENT

Filter Oil / Refine Oils ( Metal  / Chemical Extraction )

  • Extraction Temperature : 100 to 400°c & above
  • Seeds Used for 1 litre extraction : 1.5 kgs
    (Cheap quality seeds)
  • No Aroma
  • Transparent Texture
  • Palm Oil Mixing : Yes
  • Transfat : PRESENT

Benefits Of Kachi Ghani / Cold Pressed Groundnut Oil

Miracle Oil

Groundnut Cold pressed oil is now recognized Globally for its miraculous benefits.

Contains Vitamin E

Supports immune function, prevents inflammation, promote eye health, lowers the risk of cancer.

Contains Monounsaturated Fat

Lowers LDL also known as Bad Cholesterol.

Contains Linoleic Acid

Helps in overall blood circulation of the body.

Keeps Blood Pressure Under Control

Does Not Contain

Transfat and Bad Cholesterol.

Contains Sterols

Reduces Risk of Heart Attack.

Contains Unsaturated Fat

Boosts blood sugar level by improving insulin sensitivity of people with Diabetes.

Provides Relief From Constipation Issues

Authentic Cold Pressed | Non GMO | Chemical free | Vegan

As per various research the oil which we use currently for cooking is the main reason behind our health issues as it contains harmful chemicals and preservatives.

Customer Reviews

Neha Kulkarni
Neha Kulkarni

I regularly order from Bharat Botanics. Their oil and ghee are really pure & of good quality. I am regular consumer for their groundnut oil, A2 ghee & cow ghee, all are pure and good for health. I would definitely recommend using their products to my friends & family.

11 months ago
Shiv Storm
Shiv Storm

Would recommend to everyone, very genuine people and they provide very genuine stuff. I support their vision of providing chemical free oils to all the fellow indians. Also their ghee is mind blowing ??????

11 months ago
Santosh Pujari
Santosh Pujari

My doctor suggested me this oils. Now my diabetes is balanced and blood pressure also in control. Thank you Bharat botanics for providing such great quality cold press oils

12 months ago
Paaru Pawar
Paaru Pawar

My father had cholesterol issues, someone suggested me to try cold pressed oils. I ordered cold pressed sesame oil from bharat botanics. It's perfect also my father's cholesterol level has improved after three months of usage. Thanks bharat botanics

1 year ago
Yukti Vyas
Yukti Vyas

Recently got to know about the benefits of cold pressed oils and was lucky to find the shop nearby. The taste is good and comes with lot of benefits for health. Must try all of their products.

1 year ago