Bharat Botanics maintains a strong relationship with farmers in the Saurashtra region, where they directly purchase groundnuts. By eliminating middlemen, Bharat Botanics supports the livelihoods of farmers and encourages sustainable agricultural practices.

Processing & Filtration

Unlike in the past, Bharat Botanics now carries out the processing and filtration of the groundnut oil in their own facility. This allows them to have greater control over the production process, ensuring quality standards are met at every step.

Own Facility

Bharat Botanics has established its own facility for processing and filtration.  By having their own facility, they can closely monitor and maintain the quality of the oil, ensuring that it meets the highest standards.

Product Range

Bharat Botanics offers a range of products derived from their wood-pressed groundnut oil. These products may include different variations of groundnut oil, such as coldpressed groundnut oil, flavoured groundnut oil, or infused groundnut oil. 

Direct Selling

Bharat Botanics sells their products directly to customers. By cutting out intermediaries and selling directly, they can ensure that customers receive high-quality products at fair prices.