About Us

" Our mission is to make India Disease Free "

Our Policy
  • Enriching lives of our customers by providing them chemical free natural edible oils.
  • We use natural and ancient techniques to make our products.
  • We buy best quality handpicked ingredients from the local communities and help them thrive.
  • We kindle social, environmental, and cultural change as a business role model.
  • We continuously innovate, improve our quality and efficiency.
  • Most importantly we make sure we love what we do and have fun !

How did it start ?

Health issues have risen exponentially, a large-scale survey from 2019 found that 70 % of Indian women and 59 % Indian men were unhealthy based on their diet and lifestyle.

Our friends and family were no exception and many of them too faced health issues to a great extent in the last few decades.

This pushed us to dig deeper into scientific reports and research done by health experts around the world, soon we discovered that Chemical based food was the crux of all health problems we faced today and cooking Oil being the heart of it.

This gave start to Bharat Botanics with an ambitious vision to help India become Disease free.

Khao Swasth Raho Mast !!!

Paulo Coelho rightly said God placed his pharmacy in the woods and fields, so that everyone could enjoy good health. We took this wisdom as our ideology and started our journey.

Our Team

Manish Popat – Founder

Manish has been artist and creative person all his life. His passion is travelling around the world and promoting nature. Bharat Botanics is the platform to pursue his passion and make a healthy planet.

Niket Dhruv – Founder

Niket is a nature enthusiast and his love for nature to inspired him in a creating a company which is “Good for All”. Before taking the plunge into his passion for nature, Niket has successfully mentored businesses in India & United States of America.

Dr. Nitin R Kochar – Mentor

Dr. Nitin is an Evidence Based Ayurveda Consultant from last 25 years. He has been motivating people to switch over to Ayurveda for long-term management of various chronic diseases like Arthritis, Rheumatism, Asthma, Allergy, Skin diseases, Cancer etc.

Our Partners

Farmer Community
Baharat Botanics directly and indirectly supports a large number of local communities thereby creating positive impact in the society. Our natural products enables large scale forest cultivation thereby making the environment more sustainable.
Our Success Partners
Enabling the vision of Atmanirbhar (self dependent) Bharat , we have tied up with small scale individuals to sell Bharat Botanic oil directly to the customers.
Women Empowerment
Bharat Botanics aggressively promote women empowerment at all aspect of our business such as our employee as well success partners.